There’s no word in any of the dictionaries in the world to describe my experience at Enactus. I wish I was attached to it only professionally, but, fortunately, it became that part of my life which still is impossible to seperate.
What started for me like just another society is now the reason behind the most beautiful memories in my mind and almost all the skills I possess.
Being at the position of Vice President was not a flowery journey. The team had its own share of failures and disappointments, but what made this experience unique was the way we bounced back each and every time, with the same zeal and motivation and overcame each and every hurdle in our way.
From tackling the villagers and slum dwellers, to collaborating with teams across the world and presenting our project to the Government of India, the journey was magnificent and each and every moment was worth our efforts and dedication towards this society.
With cold feet and full of optimism, we were there, representing our nation in front of 36 others. No other feeling would be able to come even near to it, ever.
Being declared as the 1 Race 4 Oceans Runner Up, beating 116 other projects was the cherry on top. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to my Enactus journey.
The future of Enactus SGGSCC is exciting and the teams all over the world are looking forward to competing against one of the best Enactus teams from India. All the best!