Book A Plant is an online platform wherein the customers can order from a variety of plants, sitting at the comfort of their homes. It acts just like an uber for plants. Through customization, innovative features, and speedy delivery, the plants are made available to the doorsteps of the customers within 3-4 business days. Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is Doorstep Delivery, a huge variety of plants at affordable rates, maintenance packages for plants along with curbing the pollution levels in the capital of the country and rendering entrepreneurship skills to the local plant vendors and nursery plant owners. It aims to provide plant saplings that act as air purifiers, at the minimal costs, and with absolute ease.

In a city where people are treated with foggy mornings and grey skies, our vision is to tackle climate change. Our vision is to increase the green cover of our National Capital Region by leaps and bounds, thus keeping air pollution at its minimum.

Our business model is quite similar to the e-commerce giants of the market. We list the plants available with our street plant vendors on our website and act like an uber for plants.Customers browse through our catalogue and with a click of a mouse complete the order. The plants are delivered to their doorstep within 3-4 business days by the vendors. We take a commission of 10% on total revenue generated to boost our operations and future goals


January 2016


Pitampura, Delhi, India


Increased green cover
Significant reduction in Carbon Dioxide
and Nitrogen Dioxide levels in the environment

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