Project Dariya is a coherent application of innovation to minimize plastic pollution at its very source. Working towards becoming a one stop solution for all kinds of waste, its primary objective is to responsibly collect, segregate, dispose and recycle waste. Structured as a bi-segmented model, the first segment consists of an innovative yet economical trash barrier called Wastrawl. Suspended in streams and canals, it prevents the solid waste from entering the oceans. The second segment, PLEX, a waste exchange platform, incentivises rural and urban households to segregate and dispose of their waste ethically. It uses recycling banks and a mobile application to allow exchange of dry waste against points redeemable for basic necessities. The total waste collected is sold to the recycling operators for further conversion into innovative by-products. Dariya aims to provide its beneficiaries with sustainable livelihoods and improved standards of living.

Our vision is to attain a circular economy model. To convert this vision into reality, we aim to expand to various new territories, creating entrepreneurs and reducing the recurring waste from land and water by over 60%.

Wastrawl with an operational life of over 2 years, is made from PVC pipes that are attached to an aluminium mesh and further connected to each other through ropes and carabiners. The barrier can be customized based on the dimensions of the water body.

It collects over 90% of the waste from the water passing through it. PLEX, enables the exchange of dry waste from households for monetary and non-monetary incentives. It is run by entrepreneurs who weigh & attach value to the waste, used by locals, creating a circular economy model.

The waste collected from the 2 models is segregated & sold to recycling partners for processing into innovative by-products. The money generated forms the income of the entrepreneurs.


December 2019


Rural: Hindon, Devla, Bhanauta, Gulistanpur

Urban : Rohini Sector-3, Silver Estate, Paramount, Paras Tierea Site 1 , Paras Tiera Site 2


Lives Directly Impacted : 24,704

Waste Collected : 1,31,300 Kgs

Cumulative Revenue Generated  : ₹ 41,40,000

SDG's Targeted
0 /17
Lives Impacted
Revenue Generated
Rs. 0
Entrepreneurs Generated