Non-conventional fuels- the pathway to a sustainable future

Since the era after the global integration of economies began, we have seen disastrous changes in the environment, be it rising temperatures, resource depletion, or ozone thinning.

World water day special: a quest to preserve this precious resource

What if somebody told you that you were standing on top of a treasure – a treasure that is hidden from view; flowing quietly between cracks and spaces of soil, sand, and rock beneath your feet? A treasure that

Electronic waste- a burgeoning threat to mankind

In modern times, the fast-paced world is on a path to greater heights and revolutionary advancement. Over the years, technological revolutions have led us to an era where there are tech-savvy solutions for

Hazardous waste- a blatant threat to human health and environment

With the growth of human population come new places for human settlement, more number of industries, increased agriculture, and certainly a greater demand for resources. There is so much

Women’s day special: a tribute to our female warriors

Women have always been viewed as the nurturer of the country’s youth and caretakers of the elderly. Such rigid gender assignment has acted as an encumbrance to employment. The shackles

LANDFILLS - A growing menace in Indian waste management

We've all heard quite a lot about environmental conservation, preserving nature, and techniques to manage waste. But the real question arises if our proven techniques that have worked well in the past


In today’s world, climate change is one hot topic. Environmentalists are urging national leaders to formulate policies and implement changes to save the planet, because well, there is no planet B!

CARBON FOOTPRINT : The Climate is changing, why aren’t we?

Say “climate change” and see how most people react. At first, many would just quietly glaze over and would eventually be indifferent towards it. Climate change isn’t just about words,