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1 million plastic bottles and bags are produced every minute, bought, sold, used and dumped in mere seconds. Every piece can take as long as 1000 years to decompose, propelling climate change. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enters in our oceans every year, an enormous 95% of which is carried by rivers. Killing 1 million marine creatures every year, plastic pollution poses a serious threat to biodiversity. The Indian rivers, like Ganga and Yamuna, are among the largest contributors to this mushrooming plastic menace.


About the project

Project Description

Project Dariya is a coherent application of innovation to minimize plastic pollution at its very source. Structured as a bi-segmented model, it tackles the problem of unethical waste disposal at land and in water bodies, concurrently creating earning opportunities for the locals. The first segment comprises of a device installed in water bodies, acting as a barrier that prevents waste from flowing into the oceans. It is followed by facilitating a barter of plastic waste by setting up a Plastic Bank in the second segment.